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ALZO Duplex Socket Drum Space Light and Diffuser with 8 Bulb Capacity, No Bulbs

  • 8 bulb double light output compared to the ALZO basic drum overhead light
  • Allows for 2 sets of bulbs with 5600K and 3200K color selection
  • With 4 Velcro-attached black-out flags to control light side spill
  • Attaches to any 5/8 inch (16mm) standard baby pin stud
  • Light bulbs are not included; see accessories
  • We also offer a dimmable drum light.  Enter "2028" in the search box (above)

The ALZO Duplex Socket Drum Space Light with Diffuser puts out twice as much light as the basic ALZO drum light, accepting 8 light bulbs, including large LED and CFL bulbs; check the accessories section for a variety of bulbs. Each socket assembly has its own power cord, therefore a ceiling power connection for 2 cords must be arranged. If wired with A-B switched power lines, these sockets can allow for selectable color temperature or full/half power. With 8 bulbs, the light generates 3400+ LUX at 1m below the light.

The ALZO Drum Overhead Light is like a china ball, only wider and very low profile. When you need a broad and bright downlight that can be directly attached to a low suspended ceiling or a boom, the ALZO Drum Overhead Light is the perfect solution. Includes 4 Velcro-attached black-out flags to control light side spill. The diffuser (drum) collapses into a 14-inch disk with a zippered jacket.

Applications include, but are not limited to overhead lighting of roundtables used in talk shows, boardrooms, poker games; lighting of TV kitchen studios, green screen lighting and many more. In addition, this lighting device stores very compactly.

Important: Light bulbs are not included and are sold in accessories.

  • Diffuser collapses into a 14 inch disk with zippered jacket
  • Maximum distance drop below ceiling is 14 inches
  • Socket assemblies have 8 long-life ceramic sockets
  • Accepts up to 8 ALZO 85 watt CFL light bulbs, sold separately
  • Accepts up to 8 ALZO 32 watt LED light bulbs, sold separately
  • Proud to be Made in the USA
  • Saves energy
Diameter: 37 inches
Height/Depth: 13 inches
Operating Voltage BULB Voltage (120 or 240)
Replacement Fuse: FST, 10 amps 250 volt