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Attaching Black Fabric Flags to the ALZO Drum Light diffuser

The flags have one side with vertical Velcro hook strips and on the reverse side are horizontal Velcro loop strips. You attach the flag to the drum light Velcro rims with the Velcro hook vertical strips.  This provides 4 small Velcro connections on the top of the drum light diffuser and 4 small connections on the bottom of the drum diffuser.  The Velcro small connections are sufficient to securely mount the flags and in addition they allow for quick and easy removal of the flags.

You will notice that when the flags are mounted on the drum diffuser there are horizontal Velcro strips on the back of the flag that would allow you to layer another flag on the attached flag.  This design allows for flag cascading to include a flag below the bottom of the diffuser as shown below.