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Every thing l got from ALZO was as l expected them. Every thing came on time, and customer service was just excellent, very nice--- when my wife wanted to change one thing they took it back and within two days, they sent as a check of refund. Very very pleased with the service A+.

Daniel Mutebi

Hey I love shopping with ALZO, I found it by chance and it's my number one go to place for my business.
Thanks for such quality


I just wanted to thank you for the Nissin Di622 flash for my Canon XSI DSLR. I also own a Canon 430EX which by the way is superb, but compared to the Nissin Di622, it is equal and in some cases BETTER than the Canon original flash. Also, it works flawlessly as a slave flash to the EX430, while computing the proper flash exposure for a shot together with the Canon flash ETTL II.

I am so pleased -- thank you for your GREAT professional quality products, at great prices. I will purchase much more as time continues.


Dennis Finnan
Grand Junction, CO


Received a package the other day with a replacement screw for the flash bracket - I was impressed - what an excellent business.

Monday was the final class in portrait photography that I instruct and had demonstrated the ALZO product - by adding the superior customer support I highly recommended that everyone consider the mini soft box set up.

 sincerely hope you receive orders for the product, it is excellent and the support is as well.

Thank you very much,

Michael Wyant
Michael Wyant Photography

ALZOdigital customer compliment

I just received my backdrop that I ordered earlier this week and had to write to let you know how pleased I am with your product. It seems very well made, is compact and lightweight enough for me to take to demonstrations and shows with me and was very easy to assemble (even without instructions).

Just a short note from a new customer who will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for similar items.

Lois Morgan
A Printed Memory

Absolutely Great Product!

I just want to let you know that after owning the Flip Flash for several months, I used it for the first time this weekend with some amazing results!

I was hired to photograph a private university graduation service in Jacksonville, Florida and was asked to create a photo book of the occasion. I knew that the exposures had to be consistent, so the only thing that came to mind was my Flip Flash softbox. Yes, I've used the softbox prior to the event, but never in the portable configuration. I started by taking pictures of the hotel staff after first using another product and immediately I saw the difference!

A photographer -- the official photographer for the university, introduced himself to me and suggested that I could bounce my flash off of the low ceiling. True, but I wanted to conserve battery power so I explained I would use a softbox. When I pulled it out he remarked, "Wow! That's big!" and that he might stop by to see how I was doing. While I must admit I was concerned about the weight even though I am a pretty strong person, however what amazed even more than the results is how sturdy it is. After a few shots of holding the entire outfit upright, I finally held it by the handle with the camera securely in position and it was a breeze! Everyone was fascinated with the softbox, but even more so with the results!

Thanks you for making excellent products! Just about every accessory I have comes from ALZO Digital. I appreciate the sturdiness of each piece and will be ordering again soon!


Donell Sellow
Event Photographer


I must give congratulations on your ALZO Flip Bracket. I am a rather skeptical photographer who has more than once been taken in by marketing hype, and have been suckered by "the last flash accessory you will ever need!" type headlines. I have been looking for a long time for a product that will meet my needs in the field. I have been looking for something flexible enough to create many lighting capabilities in different situations. I have tried most items out there, and many gather dust here in a drawer in my studio. From the Tupperware style diffusers, to the snap on conglomerations designed to throw light everywhere, to the brackets that looked like I was looking through a Romper-Room mirror, none have given me the flexibility I have found in your product.

The ALZO Flip Bracket is possibly the most useful accessory I have added to my arsenal. The height that I can create between flash and camera is awesome. The flexibility of the system is amazing. I love using the umbrella, and am so happy to be able to use it to create depth in my location photography again! In due course I will add the softbox attachment to add to the system flexibility. The build quality is amazing...lightweight, but as sturdy as I need! I can only issue a heartfelt thanks for enhancing my system!

President, Director of Photography Midwest Photographic Enterprises, Inc.
St. Louis, MO


I just received the ALZO Flip Flash Bracket, Umbrella kit and Flip Flash shutter release for my Canon Rebel XT I ordered last week. I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with it. I've been shooting weddings off-and-on for 25 years. During most of that time I have used [a different kind of bracket]. Since moving from a film camera (Mamiya 645) to an SLR Digital, [that bracket] just didn't feel right in my hands -- kind of out of balance. I was looking for something different, did a Google search, and came upon your site. After spending some time reading about your product, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did.


The bracket is well built and has brought "balance" back to my camera set-up. The shutter release works great and the umbrella kit attached easily. Everything was well packed, and got to me in perfect condition. Not only am I satisfied with the bracket, I have just ordered a second one for my daughter, who also shoots weddings. She tried her Canon 20D with the bracket and loved it. Many thanks.


Mike Zahurak

Johnstown, PA

Dear alzo_digital_photography,
YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I was reading tracking # Email and UPS WAS AT MY DOOR!!! LITERALLY!
I bought this to replace a piece of xxx monopod I got @ xxx, the bottom three extensions DO
CUSHIONED, Quick Release, Safety latch, I use a $1500 DSLR ;~).
.... I am Delighted with your service and the Monopod is PERFECT *****
Corey;~) Black Bear Custom Knives


Found out about ALZO by Google search. Typed in the words "photography studio equipment." ALZO is a great company. Your products are very well made, your prices are very reasonable (lower than most competitors), your customer service is stellar, and your delivery is fast. What more could a customer ask?
I am a new photographer and have been instructed in an incredible manner by the gentleman who used to work for the NY Times. I really appreciate that he offered the best customer service I have ever encountered and has helped me in many ways in deciding on what to purchase for my business. I really appreciate that he takes the time to explain things and offers extra assistance. You can tell he enjoys what he does.

Thank you very much and I will be purchasing in the future.

Recently I acquired one wireless trigger and two receivers from your company. You delivered exactly what you promised and you got yourselves a returning customer. I'm more than happy with my purchase and will continue using your products.