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Which Is the Right HDMI Cable for My Camera?

August 31, 2017

This guide will show you which ALZO Short HDMI cable is right for your camera.

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New Product: ALZO Directors 7 Inch Field Monitor Hand Grip and Harness

May 23, 2017

The ALZO Directors 7 Inch Field Monitor Hand Grip and Harness is a handy device for monitoring steadycam shots or other camera motion capture.

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New Product: ALZO Large Easy Frame Diffuser/Reflector Kit 1.5 Meter

May 11, 2017

One of our very popular products is the ALZO Easy Frame Diffuser Reflector. This versatile device is useful in interviews, ENG and many other video capture situations. Over the years of selling this product some customers have requested a larger Easy Frame, so now we are introducing the ALZO Large Easy Frame Diffuser/Reflector Kit 1.5M. This product is nearly identical in construction compared to its smaller sibling, with three differences: First the dimension is 1.5 meters X 1.5 meters (59 in x 59 in) whereas the original Easy Frame is 1m x 1m (39 in x 39 in). The aluminum frame is thicker and more robust. The handle is longer. Keep in mind that it is a heavier product to...

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ALZO Digital Air-Cushioned Light Stand: Lightweight Yet Heavy-Duty Lighting Equipment Support

April 03, 2017

Adorama, the world’s leading online photography retailer, takes pride in having the best photo and video equipment manufacturers in the industry—including ALZO Digital—as its solid partners in providing customers with excellent and affordable products. ALZO Digital is a brand that definitely lives up to a photographer’s expectations, especially with its portable light stands. Since most of our customers are professional studio photographers, they always look for the best and easy-to-set-up light stands that will help properly illuminate the whole set during their shoots, which is something that ALZO Digital specializes in. We have been receiving rave reviews from happy and satisfied customers about the ALZO Digital air-cushioned light stand. They like that it is lightweight and easy to set up...

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