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HMI & Incandescent Fresnel Lights vs. LED Fresnel Lights

September 23, 2016

ALZO compares different Fresnel lights in this article, prompted by an inquiry of one of our customers.

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ALZO & Drew Henderson Produced a Piano Performance at the Steinway Galleries in Westport, CT

August 30, 2016

Using two ALZO 16x9 LED Panel Light 800 and an ALZO 795 Color Adjustable LED On Camera Light, Drew Henderson and the ALZO team produced a music video featuring Sarah Fears performing Frédéric Chopin’s "Revolutionary Étude" at the Steinway Galleries in Westport, CT. Steinway Galleries of Westport presents Sarah Fears' performance of Frédéric Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude from Drew Henderson on Vimeo.  

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ALZO 3000 High Intensity LED Video Lights Back in Stock

August 23, 2016

Get them here: ALZO 3000 with Par reflector ALZO 3000 with Par reflector and light stand ALZO 3000 with Barndoors ALZO 3000 with Barndoors & light stand

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3 More Days! Enjoy 15% Off Till July 31, 2016

July 29, 2016

Our second summer sale is running till Sunday, July 31, 2016. During checkout, enter "happy-15" and get a 15% discount on all products at

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