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ALZO Drum Overhead Light with 4 LED Bulbs Daylight 5500K

ALZO Digital


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  • Includes four 32 watt daylight 5500K ALZO LED light bulbs
  • 1100 LUX at 1m directly under the light; ultra soft down light
  • Includes 4 Velcro-attached black-out flags to control light side spill
  • Flags offer a 360 degree mask, or they can be cascaded down
  • Attaches to any 5/8 inch (16mm) stud (standard baby pin)

The ALZO Drum Overhead LED 5500K Light is a low profile soft light. When you need a broad and bright down light that can be directly attached to a suspended ceiling or a boom, the ALZO Drum Overhead LED Light is the perfect solution. This lighting instrument incorporates a 4-socket fixture that holds the 4 very large LED light bulbs. Includes 4 Velcro-attached black-out flags to control light side spill. 

This light is portable as the diffuser (drum) collapses into a 14 inch disk with a zippered jacket, and all of the socket parts pack efficiently. Applications include, but are not limited to: overhead lighting of round tables used in talk shows, boardrooms, poker games; lighting of TV kitchen studios, green screen lighting and many more. In addition, this lighting device stores very compactly.

Diameter: 37 inches
Height/Depth: 13 inches
Replacement Fuse: FST, 10 amps 250 volt

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