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Product Photography Lights Guide

This ALZO light kit selection guide makes recommendations based on your product types and sizes. Dimensions in inches are the largest dimension of the product to be photographed.

Object Size

Product Examples

Recommended Lights & Kits

Recommended Accessories


< 16 in

Jewelry,  glassware, small electronics

ALZO 100 Cool Lite Photo Light Tent Kit

ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount

Flat products that are best photographed overhead: Jewelry, CDs, DVDs, books, cards

ALZO 100 Macro Table Top Studio with 2 Lights

ALZO Small Riser Platform Kit Black and Clear


ALZO Clear Small Riser Photo Platform 11 x 11 Inches

ALZO Small Black Photo Riser Platform 11x11 Inches

QP Color Correction Card 202

ALZO Sparks Light for Jewelry and Gemstone Photography


> 16 in

< 24 in

Appliances, toys, apparel, sporting goods, home furnishings

ALZO 300 Cool Lite Photo Light Tent Kit with 3 Lights and Micro-Boom

ALZO 24 Inch Clear Platform Kit with Background Paper Selection

ALZO 300 Photo Light Tent Kit with 2 Lights

ALZO Clear Riser Photo Platform, Large 24 Inches x 24 Inches

ALZO 300 Cool Lite Table Top Platform Kit with 2 Lights


> 24 in

TVs, desktop computers, smaller furniture

ALZO 300 Photo Light Kit with 3 Lights, 48 Inch Tent and Studio-Boom

ALZO Studio Boom Kit

ALZO 600 Cool Lite 48 Inch Tent Kit with 2 Lights