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ALZO 100 Macro Table Top Studio with 2 Lights for Product Photography

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  • Compact table top jewelry and product photography kit
  • Stable camera support produces razor-sharp images
  • Smooth rack and pinion camera height adjustment
  • Camera support includes camera quick release plate
  • No heat, 45 watt daylight balanced Cool Lites

Jewelry photography is fun and easy with the ALZO 100 Table Top Macro Studio. This compact kit is perfect for overhead (close-up) imaging of very small or flat objects like jewelry, coins, stamps, medication and scientific work. The sturdy camera support has a 19 inch x 16 inch laminated solid composite base, a rigid 26 inch riser with an adjustable camera support, and 2 ALZO 100 Cool Lites. Solid heavy duty construction makes the ALZO 100 Macro Studio a stable shooting system for professional commercial product photography of jewelry and small objects. The ALZO 100 lights use ALZO 45 Watt 5600K Photo CFL bulbs, and have ample brightness to shoot with very small apertures and produce razor sharp images.

The lights are free-standing and have fully articulated light heads that can be positioned as needed. The kit includes a 16 inch riser pole that can attach to either light to raise the light for overhead illumination;  the whole kit includes 3 riser poles of 16 inch length. The ALZO 100 Cool Lites are daylight-balanced, 5500K color temperature lights that operate without the heat of conventional photo continuous bulbs and have a 10,000 hour exceptional long life. The equivalent light output for the two lamps is about 300 watt Tungsten. The CRI for these lights is about 91. This jewelry and product photography device is intended for use with cameras that provide a macro focus mode. Macro close up accessory lenses can be used on cameras that lack macro focus mode and have a threaded filter mount.

  • Fully articulated lights with 16 inch extension pole allows unlimited lighting angles and options
  • Exceptionally long bulb life of about 10,000 hours
  • 300 watt Tungsten-equivalent light at very low power consumption
  • 19 inches white laminated solid composite base

ALZO 100 Macro Studio Assembly Instructions

ALZO 100 Macro Tabletop Studio with Cool Lites, a guide for using the ALZO 100 Macro Studio including camera and lens setting instructions.

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