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ALZO Studio Boom Kit

  • Supports all ALZO light heads
  • Standard 5/8 inch light mount stud end
  • Universal Junction attaches to posts up to 1 1/8 inches diameter
  • 5 pounds counter balanced adjustable boom arm provides 40 inches typical extension
  • Air cushioned 10 feet light stand has very stable footing

This studio boom kit is an essential photo studio addition used for overhead illumination in product and portrait photography. The studio boom kit includes an air-cushioned aluminum stand with 10 inches max height and a 5/8 inch stud end, a metal universal junction and a 5-pound counter-balanced boom arm with 40 inches max extension. The adjustable length boom arm uses an all cast metal universal junction to attach the arm to the stand and allow for rotation of the arm. The Studio Boom Arm fits light stands with 25mm or 27mm diameter upper sections. Do not use on stands without air cushioning. Important: We also recommend the use of a sandbag or other weight on the tripod base of the light stand to improve stability. Extended warranty: 5-year warranty. Exceptions: Surface finish (i.e. scratches, abrasions, cuts, digs). ALZO will repair or replace the defective goods at their sole discretion. The cost of product return shipping is always the responsibility of the buyer.

This product carries an extended 5-year warranty.

  • 60 inches maximum extension requires additional counter weight