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ALZO Telescoping Ceiling Light Mount Kit


ALZO Digital


ALZO Telescoping Ceiling Light Mount Kit

  • 4 section adjustable height aluminum support with a max capacity of 12 lbs.
  • Minimum = 19in - Maximum = 58in
  • Suspended ceiling frame clip for 1-inch T-Bar metal frame
  • 2 plastic T-Bar hooks for power cord management
  • Includes nylon safety line for attachment of the light fixture to the true ceiling framing

This telescoping ceiling light mount easily attaches to a suspended ceiling with a special frame clip. Minimum drop is 19 inches and maximum extension is 58 inches. For other types of installations, a 1/4 in x 20 screw thread 1/2 in long is required to attach the telescoping light mount to the ceiling. The ceiling mount includes a safety line to secure any of our light fixtures to the true ceiling. Fixtures in excess of 4 lbs require that the ceiling support frame has a support wire directly above the ceiling mount. A great solution for lighting high traffic areas or small studios where floor stands would be in the way. Great for I.D. portrait set-ups.