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ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Upright Camera Mount


ALZO Digital


ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Upright Camera Mount

  • All aluminum bracket construction
  • Securely supports all DSLR cameras and small camcorders
  • Includes X-clamp and pin for attachment to 1-inch wide drop ceiling frame
  • Includes ALZO Mini-Ball Camera Mount for easy camera angle adjustment
  • Slotted holes in top and bottom of bracket allow for balance adjustment

When you need to mount a small camera to the framing of a suspended drop ceiling, the ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Upright Camera Mount is the perfect solution. The metal ceiling frame clip attaches to a 1-inch metal T-Bar frame, and the bracket easily connects to the pin on the clip; both attachments can be easily moved and removed. The kit includes a piece of safety line, and we strongly recommend using this line to physically attach the camera to the ceiling framing for added security. The kit also includes 2 plastic T-Bar hooks that attach to the ceiling framing and provide a simple cable management for the cords that connect to the camera.

  • Includes 2 plastic T-Bar hooks for ceiling cable management to/from camera