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ALZO Upright Camera Ceiling Screw Mount Kit


ALZO Digital


ALZO Upright Camera Ceiling Screw Mount Kit

  • Includes an ALZO Screw Mounting Plate
  • All aluminum bracket and mount construction
  • Securely supports all DSLR cameras and small camcorders
  • Includes ALZO Mini-Ball Camera Mount for easy camera angle adjustment
  • Slotted holes in top and bottom of bracket allow for balance adjustment

The ALZO Upright Camera Ceiling Screw Mount is the perfect solution when you need to mount a small camera or camcorder to a framed wood or dry-wall ceiling. This camera mounting bracket includes an accessory mounting plate to screw mount to a wood or drywall ceiling. Additional accessories may be required for high ceilings and vaulted sloped ceilings; see the accessory options below.

This metal bracket can support cameras up to 6 pounds, assuming that at least 2 of the screws are in ceiling framing. The bracket attaches to the pin on the accessory ceiling mounting plates and can be easily removed from it for servicing the camera. Screws are not supplied with this kit.

The accessory collection (see below) for this includes optional screw mount plates, a telescoping adjustable rod for camera mounting on high ceilings and the Mini-Ball mount that can be added to mount cameras to sloped vaulted ceilings.

This product carries an extended 5-year warranty.