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Customized Wheelchair Camera Mounts

November 07, 2017 1 min read 1 Comment

ALZO Digital is a small company with a 16 year history selling gear to professional photographers and videographers. The company has found a niche in helping wheelchair photographers with custom camera mounts.Mr. Drew Henderson, the owner of the business, says “A couple of years ago, a wheelchair bound young man appeared at our door asking if we could rig up a camera mount for his wheelchair, and after an hour or two we had a very happy wheelchair photographer”.The next day the company started selling Wheelchair Camera Mounts on its web sites.

What we have learned after working with several customers is that most implementations of these camera mounts are unique.Almost all users need specialization and custom adaptation for their specific circumstance, disability and chair structure.In addition to mounting the camera, the physical limitations of these disabled customers typically requires special camera remote control devices as well.We spend a lot of time working with each unique individual and we know we cannot be compensated for all of this time and effort.Each of our custom wheelchair camera mounts is a labor of love and we feel gratified in providing this service to the disabled.

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Tim Thurmond
Tim Thurmond

March 20, 2019

My brother has MDA…and I am trying to find a device that he can use to control his dslr by a mouse or a switch….as he cant hold anything big or heavy in his hands…he is a wheelchair

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