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A Must-Have iPhone Camera Attachment 

Out of all gadgets available, this is the iPhone camera attachment you need

iPhones including all smartphones are little powerhouses that can do so much more than just making phone calls (it is probably safe to say that fewer and fewer people are using their smartphones to make calls these days). With a large selection of attachments available, which one do you really need? One area that is often neglected is good audio quality. Some phones deliver better audio quality than others but adding a microphone will improve the recorded sound quality of every smartphone, be it iPhones or Androids. 

An inexpensive but quality-producing smartphone or iPhone camera attachment is the Comica CVM-VS08 Mini Cardioid Shotgun microphone. This cordless mic plugs into the headphone port of your smartphone and includes a 3.5 mm stereo headphone port on the back for monitoring of audio playback. This microphone is equipped with an adjustable anti-rotation bumper and includes a foam head and a fuzzy windscreen for surround noise filtering. The frequency response is 80 - 16,000 Hz. No batteries required.

Peter Wipf
Peter Wipf


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