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ALZO 200 LED Umbrella Softbox Light 5500K with light stand

  • Ultra simple and fast, no tools assembly
  • Excellent low cost, bright key or green screen light with 27x27 in softbox
  • Bright 600 watt Tungsten-equivalent light output with no heat (See Photometrics), or 6400 lumens (2x 3200 lumens)
  • Includes two (2) 32 watt, 5500K LED bulbs
  • Light quality has a CRI of > 93

The ALZO 200 LED Umbrella Softbox Light is a video light ideal for small video productions. Many customers use this light as a low-cost, green screen background illumination, and for photography. It features a unique LED mounting fixture that captures the bulbs and includes an umbrella mount and a light stand mount. The umbrella-style softbox opens like an umbrella with a short shaft. The shaft inserts into the umbrella mount, and then the fixture with softbox is mounted onto the light stand, which is inserted through a zippered slit in the side of the softbox.

The side-mounted LED bulbs sit deep in the softbox, generating soft broad lighting. This is one of the least expensive methods of side-illuminating a green screen with soft even bright light. This is a very transportable light that quickly assembles and disassembles into a small compact package. The ALZO 200 LED fixture takes advantage of the 2 X increased light output from the side of the light bulb, compared to the light output from the end. What's in the kit: one (1) ALZO 200 LED Economy Light fixture with 10 foot power cord, two (2) 32W LED 5500K light bulbs, one (1) 27 x 27 inch umbrella-style softbox, (1) fabric diffuser (removable/optional) and(1) ALZO Ultra Light 7 foot light stand.