AZDEN WLX-PRO+i Wireless Mono Lavalier Microphone Kit with iPhone & An – ALZO Digital

AZDEN WLX-PRO+i Wireless Mono Lavalier Microphone Kit with iPhone & Android Phone Adapter Cord

ALZO Digital


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  • Works with iPhone 4, 5 & 6 (iPhone 7 requires APPLE adapter cord)
  • Works with Android phones including SAMSUNG Galaxy, LG and most others
  • AZDEN FM modulation wireless receiver with smartphone 3.5mm TRS adaptor cord
  • AZDEN WL/T-PRO transmitter with wired Lav microphones
  • Lavalier microphone includes spring clip and wind screen

NOTE: Smartphone is not included with this kit.

This AZDEN Mono wireless microphone kit is ideal for all talking head video productions. The output of the wireless receiver is a cord with a mono 3.5 mm mini-phone plug. The included smartphone adapter cord attaches to the receiver plug and connects to the 3.5mm headphone audio port on your smartphone. Not compatible with the iPhone 7.

When connecting to the XLR inputs of camcorders, a mini-phone to XLR adapter cord accessory is required. In order to record the mono signal into both stereo audio channels of a DSLR, you will need a 3.5 mm stereo male to 3.5 mm mono female adapter. In addition, if the video will be edited on NLE software the mono audio can be added to both stereo channels in post production. The receiver includes a mini-phone stereo headphone monitor jack.

  • Operates in VHF band using 169.445MHz or 170.245MHz
  • The receiver and transmitter require 9 volt batteries
  • The receiver includes one 3.5 mm mini-stereo mic level output cord and jack, a 3.5 mm headphone monitor stereo mini-phone jack and a shoe mount on the bottom for direct camera attachment
  • Battery life is more than 7 hours

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