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AZDEN Mono Hand Held wireless microphone and receiver

  • Single channel VHF wireless system
  • Includes the WM/T-PRO handheld microphone/transmitter
  • Includes the WR-PRO camera mount receiver
  • 2 selectable operating frequencies; operates in the low-interference VHF band
  • Connects into DSLR camera's mic input

The WHX-PRO is an easy to use and affordable wireless audio system combining the WM/T-PRO handheld transmitter and WR-PRO camera mount receiver. The WM/T-PRO is a handheld microphone with a built-in transmitter. It transmits on the standard PRO frequencies (169.445MHz and 170.245MHz) and is compatible with all PRO Series receivers. The WM/T-PRO has a standby switch to mute audio and a rubberized coating to reduce handling noise. Runs on a single AA battery for up to 10 hours of continuous use. The WR-PRO is a single channel receiver, but has two selectable operating frequencies to choose from (169.445MHz and 170.245MHz) giving the user an option in case one channel has interference. Comes with camera shoe mount and a 3.5mm mono to stereo microphone output cable.

  • Transmit audio up to 250 feet away