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ALZO Suction Mount with Mini Ball Head

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  • Extra strong pump action suction grip for windows, walls, and doors
  • Suction mount is rugged vulcanized silicon rubber
  • Mini-Ball Mount version is perfect for small cameras like GoPro

The ALZO Suction Mount easily attaches to smooth surfaces like glass and metal; it can even attach to smooth painted doors and walls. With the ball mounts removed, the mount base includes a 1/4 inch x 20 screw thread for attaching other devices, including cameras, audio recorders, field monitors and more. The suction pump includes a red ring suction loss visual indicator that shows when the suction is weakening. This pump action suction mount is a safe and sturdy method of attaching video accessories to a car windshield, either interior or exterior.

  • 1/4 inch x 20 screw thread attaches ball mounts
  • Excellent for car windshield camera and accessory mounting
  • Suction on clean glass lasts for many hours
  • Suction pump includes red ring suction loss indicator
  • Safety cord is always recommended