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ALZO Duplex Socket for Adding 4 Bulbs to an ALZO Drum Light

  • Attach this socket assembly to any ALZO Drum light to support 8 bulbs
  • Doubles the light output of a standard ALZO Drum Light
  • Socket assembly has 4 long-life ceramic sockets
  • Accepts up to 4 ALZO 85W CFL light bulbs or 4 ALZO 32W LED light bulbs (bulbs sold separately)
  • Weight with 4 bulbs is 2.5 pounds

The ALZO Drum Light Duplex Socket doubles the light output from an ALZO Drum Light. This socket assembly allows for the stacked attachment of 2 ALZO Drum Light sockets. It includes its own power cord, therefore a ceiling power connection must be arranged. If wired with A-B switched power lines, these sockets can allow for selectable color temperature or full/half power.

Replacement Fuse: FST, 10 amps 250 volt