ALZO DSLR Video HDMI Right Angle 2 Short Cord Cable Kit White for Cano – ALZO Digital

ALZO DSLR Video HDMI Right Angle 2 Short Cord Cable Kit White for Canon

ALZO Digital


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  • Special designed cords for camera rig building
  • Perfect 21 inch length, short gold-plated HDMI cords for connecting cameras to LCD
    monitors or recorders and 18 inch stereo gold plated audio cord
  • Right angle HDMI cords with offset connector enable unobstructed camera port access and up or down cord management
  • Right angle stereo audio cord with siliconized rubber jacket for superior flexibility and exceptional long life


This set of 2 DSLR cords includes an HDMI cord to connect to a monitor, and an audio cord to connect to a mixer. Both cords are gold-plated and have the perfect length. The HDMI cord is at a right angle, leaving the camera vertically, and works with the following Canon camera models: 5D Mark II and III, 7D, T2i, T3i, T4i. In addition, the cord consists of a side jog to prevent blocking other ports on the camera. The audio cord is made of siliconized rubber for superior flexibility and very long life. Works will all DSLRs with mini-hdmi connector but depending on HDMI port orientation may result in either an up or down cord path. If you need a DSLR Rig cord for any camera then you need the ALZO 3 cord kit.

  • Right angle connectors improve connection reliability and prevent camera connector damage
  • HDMI cords are color-coded red and white
  • All cord contacts are gold-plated

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