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ALZO Silk Diffusion Fabric White, 1 Yard Long 60 Inches Wide

Note: Selecting a quantity higher than 1 will get you multiple 1-YARD PRE-CUT pieces; if you need longer continuous fabric in one piece, go to the Diffusion Fabric by the Yard.

  • 3x5 feet pre-cut of DYI clear white diffusion fabric; we use this fabric for our softboxes, tents, and diffusers
  • Non-yellowing white translucent textile referred to as silk
  • Light reduction is about 1.5 f-stops
  • Fabric is 60 inches wide and not finished on all 4 sides

We use this polyester translucent textile to make the ALZO Tents, softbox diffusers and diffusion panels. This clear diffusion fabric is coated with a non-yellowing coating and is perfect for creating very large diffusion panels and for the DIY tent builder. Light reduction is about 1.5 f-stops; Fabric is machine cut on 4 sides.

Also available as a 2 yard and 3 yard pre-cut.

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