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ALZO Audio Recorder Rubber Shock Mount for Zoom H4N, H4N PRO, H5, H6

This ALZO Audio Recorder Shock Mount for Zoom H4N, H4N PRO, H5, H6 has silicone rubber side supports to acoustically isolate all audio recording devices from the mount. This device dramatically reduces the transmission of unwanted handling noise and room sounds. This product allows for mounting any audio recorder with a 1/4in x 20 thread mount to tripods, light stands, booms, and other devices. It also includes a shoe mount adapter for mounting your recorder to cameras and rigs with shoe mounts.

Other audio recorder shock mount devices use fragile thin plastic baskets that are known to break. The ALZO Audio Recorder Shock Mount includes silicone rubber isolators and aluminum plates that will never break. This product includes a lifetime warranty.

This shock mount is designed to work with professional audio recorders from Zoom including the models H4N, H4N PRO, H5, H6.