10 Inch Lamp Harp for up to 50W CFL Light Bulbs 2-Pack | ALZO Digital

10 Inch Lamp Harp for up to 50W Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent CFL Light Bulbs, Pack of 2

ALZO Digital


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  • 10 inch harp for perfect bulb fit in table lamps and floor lamps
  • Accommodates 50W (or less) energy-saving CFL light bulbs
These 10 inch harps are the perfect fit for the ALZO 45W CFL Light Bulb or any bulb of 50W or less, see respective bulb dimensions in diagram. The harp (yoke) in a standard table lamp or floor lamp is too small for a CFL energy saving bulb, and the right-sized harp is hard to find (stores usually have to order them). Sold as pack of 2. Color: Brass.

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