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Table Top Photography

A table top photography studio is the ideal solution for photographing small products

Table top photography has become increasingly popular as the Internet has emerged as the leading global marketplace. If you are looking for a competitive advantage selling on the Internet, we believe that quality product images are critical. Your products can look more impressive than your competitors with a little investment in time, money and learning a few new skills. Today, mastering table top photography is important to become a successful Internet merchant.Table top photography equipment simplifies the product imaging task and allows untrained persons to produce professional results. Most commonly, objects are placed in a light tent or on a riser platform in the tent, and the tent is illuminated on the outside with 1, 2 or 3 small lights. Because a table top photography studio is an ideal controlled lighting device, almost any digital camera will produce excellent results. The key to successful product imaging in a table top studio is to get the camera settings correct. Correct camera settings will greatly reduce time spend using Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software.

To learn more about table top photography and equipment needed for photographing products, read through the following pages:

Studio Equipment: This guide helps you decide which camera is right for you. The product lighting equipment table gives you a very clear idea about which lighting kit is ideal for a particular shot. Includes a section about photo backgrounds that explains the basic types.

Digital Photo Shoot Basics: This very informative guide addresses space requirements, ambient lighting, camera settings and composition.

Tent Application Guide: This is a one-page course in how to produce a product image with a pure white background, including step-by-step instructions on tent setup, lighting, object positioning, camera settings, and image editing with software. With this guide, you will learn how to produce great pictures that will perfectly blend into a web site and look great on Ebay.

ALZO Digital offers various kits for product imaging, based on object size and effects desired. With these items, you will be on your way to successful imaging.

Macro Table Top Studio
Macro Table Top Studio
For macro (close-up) imaging of very small or flat objects like jewelry, coins, stamps, medication and scientific work, we recommend the ALZO 100 Macro Studio.

ALZO 100 Continuous Cool Lite Tent Kit

The ALZO 100 Cool-Lite Tent Kit is a complete and versatile solution for jewelry and small object imaging. The kit consists of 2 ALZO 100 Cool Lites, a 14 inch ALZO tent, and a 16 inch extension pole. The ALZO 14 inch tent is supplied with 3 different background sweeps including black, neutral gray and white.

ALZO 300 Table Top Studio Kit

For shooting small objects without shadows and the heat of conventional hot lights, the 24 inch riser platform with the ALZO 300 Cool Lites is the ideal solution.
ALZO 300 Continuous 3-Light Tent Kit

The ALZO 300 3-Light Tent Kit is very popular for product photography because it is easy to use and produces excellent results. Essential in catalog photography for imaging highly reflective objects, particularly plastic, glass and metal, or when an ultra soft lighting effect is desirable.
ALZO 300 Continuous 2-Light Tent Kit

A less expensive version of the ALZO 300 3-Light Kit and a favorite starter kit. Great for shooting small to medium objects. Anyone can produce professional images with this kit.
ALZO 600 Cool Lite Tent Kit

The ALZO 600 3-Light Tent Kit is our most popular product imaging solution for medium to large objects. The kit includes ALZO 600 light heads, light stands, a studio boom for overhead lighting and a 48 inch light tent.

ALZO Sparks Light Jewelry Imaging Package

This package is the optimal jewelry imaging kit providing the optimal ambient to Sparks Light ratio with the balanced color temperature of 5500K. The ALZO Digital Sparks Light is the only specialized light source specifically designed to illuminate the interior of gemstones, to enhance the refractive spectral qualities (brilliance), and to allow these qualities to be photographed.

Our Unique and Innovative Digital Photography Lighting Equipment, Combined with Superior Studio Support
If you are having difficulty getting the perfect image with any of our photography equipment, we will set up an equivalent configuration in our studio and solve your problem and email you the solution, including images of the equipment used. If your problem is related to a digital camera issue with a camera that was not purchased from us, we will attempt to help you and may recommend a camera upgrade.