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ALZO 200 Watt Dimmable UFO Drum Overhead LED Light


ALZO Digital


ALZO 200 Watt Dimmable UFO Drum Overhead LED Light

  • 200 watt - 5500K light with CRI > 93; dimmable from 100% - 10%
  • Perfect soft overhead light for studio video production; 4300 Lux @ 1M
  • DMX Dimmable with the addition of accessory ALZO 4 Channel DMX Decoder
  • NON DMX Dimmable with potentiometer control.
  • Bottom of light is minimum 20 inches drop from the ceiling
  • Includes 4 Velcro attached black flags to mask up to 360 degrees of side light. Flags can be cascaded down for additional light spill control

Accessories are required for dimming and hanging. Click the ACCESSORIES tab above.

The ALZO Dimmable Drum Overhead LED Light is an ideal light source for studio overhead lighting and generates a lot of bright light. We recommend installing the lights with a space of 8 to 10 feet between them. The UFO-shaped light fixture weighs about 10 pounds.