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ALZO 10 Ft. Wide Wall Mount Background Support Kit 3 Poles to Prevent Paper Sag


ALZO Digital


ALZO 10 Ft. Wide Wall Mount Background Support Kit 3 Poles to Prevent Paper Sag

  • The 2-inch diameter 10-foot long aluminum poles are essential for preventing warping of background paper. 
  • NOTE: some product images show only 3 poles; see the list below for product specific contents
  • The 10-foot poles can support up to 24 lbs. and are required for paper, fabric or muslin backdrops up to 10 feet wide
  • 3-foot accessory extensions are available for wider paper or Muslin
  • Individual adjustable height chain drive system
  • Adjustable friction control to prevent paper roll out

> 3 pole system includes 3 poles, 3 chains, 6 wedges and a 3 position bracket set 
> 4 pole system includes 4 poles, 4 chains, 8 wedges and 2-3 position bracket set
> 5 pole system includes 5 poles, 5 chains, 10 wedges and 2-3 position bracket set
> 6 pole system includes 6 poles, 6 chains, 12 wedges and 2-3 position bracket set

Photo background support system for 3, 4, 5 or 6 rolls. Includes 2 wall mount brackets, a set of horizontal poles with connectors, a set of end rollers and a set of paper roll wedges to fix the paper roll to the pole. This sturdy system with included 2-inch diameter 10-foot long aluminum horizontal support poles will keep your paper straight and prevent paper tube warping. Ideal wall support system for the professional photography studio. The 10-foot long aluminum support poles also available separately.  Each pole can support a 24-pound paper or fabric background. This system can also be ceiling mounted.

The installation of the systems requires a minimum wall width of 11 feet. 3-foot long extension poles are available as accessories and using these extensions requires a minimum wall width of 14 feet.  Click here for installation guide Wall Mount Background Support Assembly

Please note in the photos that the 4, 5 and 6 bar systems are only showing 3 of the aluminum poles installed.

This product carries an extended 5-year warranty.


  • Length of chain is adjustable up to 6 feet
  • Can be mounted on a ceiling as well

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
3 Pole Background Support

I installed the support on the ceiling. Overall installation was pretty easy. My wife helped me and we got it done in about 2 hours. My only concern is that the poles are 2 pieces which means there is a connector in the middle where the two 5' foot poles go together. After I put the backgrounds on the poles I noticed that they sagged at the connector and would not roll up evenly. I took the down and tightened the connector more and that helped. However, over time I feel like they will get loose again. I wish these were solid 10' poles. Otherwise, the system is easy to use and install & I feel the price is very good.

You gotta have these

Pros: everything
Cons: none
Best Uses: Roll backdrop suspension
Describe Yourself: Professional Photographer
I had some serious issues getting smooth action from my roll backdrops. They sagged and were hard and noisy to rewind. The 2" inserts solved the issue and they were quite reasonable. I love them and do not know how you can have a suspended roll system without these. Highly recommended.