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ALZO Clear Riser Photo Platform, Large 24 Inches x 24 Inches for Shadowless Product Photography

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  • Does NOT include background paper set
  • Clear riser platform produces shadowless images
  • Back of riser is perfect for suspending pendants and chains
  • Can be used inside photo tents or as a standalone with added background paper
  • Heavy 1/4 inch Lexan material is scratch-resistant and resists yellowing

The ALZO Clear Plexiglas Riser Platform is used in commercial product photography to create special effects; it can be used inside an imaging tent or standalone. This shooting table is used to produce shadowless images with only a slight reflection. This large riser platform fits perfectly into the ALZO 28 inch or 48-inch tent and raises the subject 4 inches. It includes a curved back panel to eliminate a horizon line in images when shooting at a low angle. It is constructed of heavy 1/4 inch acrylic Plexiglas and can support up to 20 pounds of weight.