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With ALZO Video on the Set

May 31, 2013 1 min read

Drew Henderson of ALZO Video recently provided lighting design services for a short film produced by Brian Russell, currently in post production and headed for the festival circuit.
For the exterior park location shots, Drew used ALZO Easy Frame reflectors and another large reflector. He also used a prototype ALZO battery powered LED Pan-L-light for fill illumination. For the interior Diner shoot, Drew used 3 ALZO Quad Pan-L-Lites and a new ALZO 3000 High Power LED light.

























































































Drew’s comment on the use of prototype products in real productions was, “there is no better test environment for a new product than actual use in budgeted movie productions.”

drew-consulting-on-set-if-i-tell-you-3_1426w drew-consulting-on-set-if-i-tell-you-2 drew-consulting-on-set-if-i-tell-you

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