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October 31, 2019 2 min read

At Alzo Digital we are always developing and improving the products we sell and along the way, we came up with some good solutions for suspending cameras and projectors from drop ceilings.  And more recently we came up with a kit for suspending event lights from a drop ceiling which we marketed to DJs and event planners.  We sell the mounting hardware but not the lights (there are many available).

Our next event product will be a pole-based system that you can suspend from a drop ceiling and mount 4-5 lights on it.  So, if you have two single light mounts and the “Alzo Event System” pole mount you will have 4-7 lights and could easily cover a medium-sized dance floor.

For the lights that can be used (par lights, derby lights, lasers, etc). there are two methods of control.  One is via the use of infra-red remote controls and while that might be a good solution for a single light, it would be very problematic to use multiple handheld remotes.  The second control method and our recommended solution is to use a DMX control system with which you can control all lights with a single control panel or using DMX software on a PC or Mac.

Simply go onto youtube.com and look up the different DMX options and tutorials.  One detail that I will provide now is that with DMX a wired connection is made from the control panel (or computer) to the first light and then another cable will need to go from the first light to the second and so on to your remaining lights.  Sample DMX connections can be seen in the image above.  The Alzo Event System products all come with cable management hooks and loops so that the installation looks tidy.  In the next installment of the blog, I will write about wireless DMX for even tidier installations

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