Wall Mount Background Support Assembly – ALZO Digital

Wall Mount Background Support Assembly


The Wall Mount Background Support System consists of 4 parts as shown here:

  1. (2) Wall Mount Support Brackets Hooks
    with 3, 4, 5 or 6 hooks (black steel)
  2. (3, 4, 5 or 6) Sets of plastic pole ends
  3. (3, 4, 5 or 6) Sets of adjustable chains
  4. (3, 4, 5 or 6) Sets of 2 section aluminum poles

The installation of this system requires a minimum of 2 individuals and a licensed professional is recommended.

Step 1: Mount the bracket hooks

Carefully mark off your wall to locate the bracket hook mounting holes. The bracket hooks should be mounted a minimum of 6 inches off the ceiling.

The bracket mounting hole spacing should be 124 inches, +/- 1 inch.

As the weight supported by this system is heavy, it is recommended to either BOLT into framing or fasten into a solid wall structure like a concrete block.

When attempting to mount on drywall or wallboard, please contact a hardware vendor or licensed contractor to procure appropriate fasteners for very heavy loads.

Here a licensed contractor is shown lag bolting the bracket to framing studs.

Step 2: Join the horizontal poles

Align the holes in the pole junction and use an Allen wrench to tighten the internal clamp as shown.

Step 3: Assemble the ends into the poles and mount poles

There are 2 different plastic ends that fit into the poles and then fit into the bracket hooks. Shown here is the chain drive end. Insert the white plastic expansion clamp into the pole end and tighten the clamp by turning the knob.

Do not over tighten this knob as position adjustment will be performed later.

 Final Assembly Drawing

This is the friction adjust end. The poles can be installed with either end, right or left. Once both ends are installed on the pole, the background paper or fabric can be installed by sliding the tube or fabric over the friction adjust end shown here.

After the paper is on the pole, the pole is lifted into position and inserted in the hooks on the brackets. This operation requires 2 persons, and is nearly impossible for an individual to accomplish.

The horizontal alignment of the pole will now be adjusted and while holding the pole with one hand, tighten the knob until the ends are locked onto the pole.

Step 4: Adjust friction

Tighten the wing screw on the friction control to add resistance to the rotation of the roll.

Do not tighten to lock the rotation.
Do not loosen to allow free rotation.

Step 5: Install wedges

Insert a plastic wedge into the space between the paper center tube and the pole on both ends of the roll. Push in wedge until firm. These wedges are required to lock the paper to the pole and to prevent paper roll off.

2 wedges per roll are provided and you can insert 1 on each end of the roll if preferred.

Step 6: Install chain

Insert the plastic chain through the sprocket end and adjust the length of the chain, as desired, by removing and adding links. Links are removed by holding 2 links in a V form and sliding them sideways.

Note the horizontal orientation of the gates around the sprocket. There are 2 mounting options for the pole end fitting into the bracket hook. Select the mounting option that positions the gate around the sprocket horizontally.

Step 7: Install chain weights

Add the chain weights as shown to the hanging end of the chain.

At this time you will want to re-adjust the friction control to provide a smooth rolling action.

Finished Wall Mount Background Support stocked with paper and Muslin backdrops