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Usage Example of ALZO 600-EX Portrait Studio Lights

ALZO 600-EX 3 Light Kit in our photography studio

Image 1

ALZO 600-EX Portrait Studio Usage

  • 1 ALZO 600-EX softbox key light
  • 1 ALZO 600 background light
  • 1 ALZO 600 hair light on a studio boom
  • 1 ALZO 5-in-1 Reflector kit for bounce fill light

The softbox key light (to the right) is about 5 feet from the model and set to just above head height. The ALZO 600 hair light on the right is used without the fabric diffuser and is boom-mounted about 10 feet high, and about 5 feet from the subject.

The third ALZO 600 on the left is used as the background light.

Image 1: We used the silver surface of an ALZO 42 inch 5-in-1 reflector and positioned it about 4 feet to the left side of the model for a 1:3 fill to key ratio. We carefully adjusted the position and angle of the reflector to lighten the shadows on the left side of the models face.

Image 2

Image 3

Image 2 & 3: No reflector was used.

The wonderful thing about using continuous lights was that we were able to judge exactly how the ratios would look on the final image without taking any test shots, as we would have with flash lights. In addition, as we moved the lights, we never needed additional test shots because we could visualize the lighting as we repositioned.

No image adjustments were made other than minor cropping and slight rotation adjustments.

Typical exposure settings for these shots were within a range of f 4.0 @ 1/50 - 1/80 second, ISO set to 200. The white balance was custom set. The camera was a CANON EOS 1Ds tethered to a laptop for image review.

ALZO 600-EX Set Diagram

The setup diagram shows the layout of the 3 light ALZO 600-EX Portrait Studio lights used.