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FYI - ALZO 2000 and 800 HID Metal Halide replacement light bulbs

The ALZO 2000 (MH 2400) HID light fixture uses 3 - 150watt HID Metal Halide pulse start light bulbs.  The ALZO 800 used only 1 of these bulbs. These bulbs were manufactured for general use where the color temperature was not managed and varied widely.  We required our manufacturer to test and select only bulbs that matched our spectrum requirements as shown.

Although 150watt HID Metal Halide pulse start light bulbs are available from many suppliers today, the color temperature of these bulbs will not be the same as the 5300K ALZO bulbs and there will be significant variants in spectrum and color temperature from bulb to bulb.  We suggest that you may want to purchase many bulbs and then select only the ones with close matching color temperature.

In addition, only 150 watt E27 base Metal Halide pulse start bulbs will work in the ALZO lights.