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Flip Flash Bracket Tips

There are many situations when it is very helpful to use a monopod with a flash bracket

Many photographers prefer to use a camera (flash bracket) mounted flash as a front fill rather than a main key light. Using a camera-mounted flash or flash bracket mounted flash with a small diffuser and with significant power will not produce attractive images. More natural images are obtained when the natural room light is the key light and the flash is a minor fill of 2-4 f-stops underexposed.

Most interior event photography where the interior lighting is subdued requires wide lens aperture, slower shutter speed and higher ISO. This combination will allow available light to balance the background exposure to the light fill flash subject exposure. But slow shutter speed can cause sharpness issues even with optical image stabilization.

If you want to use slower shutter speeds when photographing interior events with minor fill flash, it is very helpful to use a monopod in conjunction with a flash bracket. The monopod offers stable camera support, while allowing for easy movement and fast tilting and panning. Most monopods are lightweight, sturdy and are more convenient when used at events.

The other important feature of using a monopod when photographing events is to prevent arm and back strain. If you hold up a several pound camera and flash rig for several hours, you will most likely get fatigued and experience some back pain. We suggest that you put a monopod under your rig and avoid the arm and back strain.

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