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Flip Flash Bracket FAQs


Q: Is the ALZO Flip Flash Bracket compatible with my Canon or Nikon or Sony specific model camera?

A: The ALZO Flip Flash Bracket is NOT camera specific. The quick release camera mounting plate can accommodate any camera with a 1/4 inch x 20 tripod female screw mount on the bottom. It can accommodate all digital cameras, new and old models. The only camera specific components of the Flip Flash bracket are the accessory sync cords and the wired shutter releases. The bracket does have weight limitations, and it can be taxed if you have a large pro SLR with a battery pack and a large heavy lens like an f 1.4 zoom. Typical compact f 2.8 or lesser lenses will not overtax the bracket.

Q: Is the ALZO Flip Flash Bracket compatible with my Canon or Nikon or Sony model-specific flash?

A: The ALZO Flip Flash bracket is NOT flash specific. The only flash specific accessory component of the Flip Flash bracket is the sync cord.

Recommended Bracket Kits

Q: Do you recommend the ALZO Flip Flash Bracket softbox kit over the umbrella kit?

 A: The two popular ALZO Flip Flash Bracket kits including the softbox and the umbrella kit produce similar images. The decision to purchase one over the other should be based more on the weight, set up time and compactness. The umbrella kit is lighter, quicker to setup, and is more compact for transporting.

Left or Right Mounted Camera

Q: I prefer to have my left hand on the lens at all times for focus and zoom control. If I left mount the camera on the bracket, how do I press the shutter release?

A: When left mounting your camera on the Flip Flash Bracket, you will require the ALZO wired shutter release. This device provides consistent shutter action regardless of the orientation of the camera. The ALZO wired shutter releases are available for most Canon, Nikon, and Sony SLR cameras, and they provide two step shutter action with AEL and pre-focus, and then shutter release.

Umbrella Kit Flash Position

Q: I noticed that the Flip Flash Bracket umbrella kit positions the flash high up in the umbrella. Does this cause a problem with the reflected light pattern?

A: The high position of the flash in the umbrella causes the light pattern to project downward. This can be adjusted by tilting the umbrella upward. A better solution is using the ALZO Umbrella Jack. This device positions the flash head in the center of the umbrella.

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