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Choosing Photo Backgrounds

Photo backgrounds add variety, dimension and mood to your portrait and product photography

You can create various effects with photo backgrounds by using different colors and textures, depending on the object and the desired effect. ALZO offers seamless paper and portrait paper, and a selection of portrait fabric backdrops, complete with a support stand.

How to choose the right photography background?

  • Paper photo backgrounds are ideal for product and portrait photography. Our seamless solid color paper comes in 50 different colors and in 2 sizes.
  • Graduated photo backgrounds are ideal for product photography. They are washable and available in 3 different sizes. This is a picture of a vase in front of a graduated photography background:

  • Specialty papers can be used as a background and for covering props, or for craft projects. Available in vinyl-backed velour, granite print, swirl print and in stone print in various colors and sizes. The picture below shows oriental lilies with a swirl print paper background.

  • Muslin Backdrops are made of textured, hand-dyed Muslin fabric and add life to your portraits. Available in different colors and sizes, including black or white.
  • Chroma Key Backdrops are used in video and electronic compositing where different visual elements are combined into a single image, also known as blue screen. They come in green and blue and in various sizes. Also available as Twistflex panels.

Photo backgrounds can be hung on a wall or on a ceiling, which requires installing hooks or another type of hanging mechanism, or they can be installed on a support stand. We offer the following solutions: