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ALZO Wireless Shutter Release Operation Instructions

Applicable to all models (Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, Pentax)

Battery Installation:

  1. Receiver: Open the battery compartment and insert one CR2 Lithium battery supplied. Polarity is indicated on the bottom of the battery compartment.
  2. Transmitter: Supplied with battery pre-installed. Battery is activated only when transmitter button is pressed. To replace the battery, open the battery compartment with a Phillips micro screwdriver and install one 23A 12 volt battery.

Channel Selection Setting:

Turn off the power of the receiver, then set the channel DIP switches to the same channel position on both the transmitter and receiver. See channel settings chart (decimal to binary conversion).


  1. Turn camera power off.
  2. Connect receiver cord to camera control port.
  3. Turn the camera ON.
  4. Momentarily press the gray button on the receiver. The red LED indicates the receiver is on.
  5. Lightly press the transmitter button to enable the camera auto focus and auto exposure action. The green light on the transmitter indicates partial shutter and the green light on the receiver reflects the action on the transmitter.
  6. Fully press the transmitter to release the camera shutter. Transmitter and receiver LED will flash red.
  7. Bulb Mode Operation: Set the camera to bulb mode and press the transmitter button for about 3 seconds until the transmitter light turns off, then release the button; the camera is now working in bulb mode. To cancel bulb mode, fully press transmitter button.
  8. Continuous Shooting Operation: set the camera to C mode (continuous shooting) and press transmitter button for about 3 seconds until transmitter light turns off; the camera is now working in C mode. To cancel C mode, fully press transmitter button. In this mode, camera focus and exposure are set to continuous, allowing for rapid firing where you can push the transmitter button all the way through.
  9. Press the button again to turn off receiver.

Other Usage Issues:

  1.  Only use specified batteries
  2. When monitor light flickers, on the transmitter or the receiver it is time to replace the battery.
  3. Connect or disconnect receiver only when camera is powered off.
  4. Make sure that the receiver cord is firmly attached to the camera.