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USER GUIDE - ALZO Smartphone 3.5mm Break-Out Y Splitter Cord

If you want to improve the audio and video recording quality with a smartphone, you need to connect a professional microphone and quality headphones to monitor the audio. This ALZO breakout cord provides a 3.5 mm right angle TRRS male connector for connection to your smartphone. It includes a female TS mono connector (RED) for attaching your mono microphone.

It also includes a stereo TRS female headphone connector. This female connector will not work with a TRRS earbud mic set supplied with your smartphone. The stereo audio connection is intended to be used with quality headphones with 3.5mm TRS plug for accurate audio monitoring.

Quality audio headset monitoring is always accomplished on smartphone playback. Audio monitoring while recording is a function of the video APP in your phone.  Most video APPs do not allow audio monitoring while recording.
To monitor audio when recording video you will need to use a pro video recording APP like FILMIC PRO, CINEMA FV-5 or OPEN CAMERA.

The STEREO MONO MIC ADAPTER accessory is used to allow for the connection of a stereo TRS microphone to the Mono MIC input.

This cord uses a right angle TRRS smartphone connector and this will greatly reduce the risk of damaging your phone hardware compared to a straight connector.

Compatible with iPhones 4, 5, 6 (iPhone 7 and newer requires the use of lightning to headset adaptor supplied with your phone). Also compatible with most Android phones including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google and many more.
The adapter cord will NOT allow for connection of a musical instrument to a smartphone.  It will only allow for MICROPHONE audio input.
If you have any questions related to the use of this product or any other ALZO product please email csupport@alzodogital.com or call us M-F days at 203-744-7909.