Specifications for ALZO CFL Light Bulbs – ALZO Digital

ALZO Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Specifications

The following data is actual measured data using calibrated equipment
ALZO Model Watt
1855-32/55 15 650 60 watt 0.0005mw/cm2 >0.000uw/cm2 10,000
1069-32/55/56 27 1300 100 watt 0.001mw/cm2 >0.000uw/cm2 10,000
1146-32/55/56 45 2800 170 watt 0.002mw/cm2 >0.000uw/cm2 8,000
1512-32/55/56 85 4250 300 watt 0.004mw/cm2 >0.000uw/cm2 6,000
1542-56^ 55 2600 220 watt 0.002mw/cm2 >0.000uw/cm2 10,000
1545-32^ 55 2600 220 watt 0.002mw/cm2 >0.000uw/cm2 10,000

* Equivalent Tungsten rating is not measured, it is estimated

** Not within the range of our meter. Note: UV-A from sunlight midday = 5-10mw/cm2

*** ALZO CFL bulb life is based on the bulb in an open air upright orientation. When ALZO bulbs are installed in fixtures that lack adequate ventilation, the life of the bulb will be reduced. If an ALZO CFL bulb is installed in an overhead recessed light fixture with the bulb glass below the base, the life of the bulb will be greatly reduced. ALZO warranty for all CFL bulbs is 30 days.

^These light tubes do not have a ballast and do not have an E27 base