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ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Camera Mount


ALZO Digital


ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Camera Mount

  • All metal, durable solution for hanging DSLRs and other small cameras from a suspended drop ceiling
  • Includes a metal mini-ball mount to allow for camera angle control
  • Attaches to 1-inch wide common T-Bar style suspended frame
  • Includes 2 T-Bar hooks to support wires connecting to the camera
  • May require additional wires to connect the T-bar frame to the true ceiling for added stability
An excellent and secure, all-metal solution for attaching a camera to a suspended drop ceiling. Allows for a quick camera dismount with a thumb screw twist. The ALZO suspended drop ceiling camera mount easily attaches to the 1-inch wide T-Bar style framing of a typical suspended ceiling. The included X-Clamp attaches quickly and without tools and is not permanent, and can be easily moved. The installation may require the addition of support wires connecting the T-Bar framing to the true ceiling. The included T-Bar hooks support wires that connect the camera to power sources and computers.