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ALZO Bod-A-Boom Hands Free Camera Shoulder Mount


ALZO Digital


ALZO Bod-A-Boom Hands Free Camera Shoulder Mount

  • DSLR Shoulder Mount - Camcorder Shoulder Mount
  • All sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • The end of arm strain for long shoots
  • Fully adjustable frame has padded shoulder wraps
  • Camera mount (1) is an ALZO Ball Head with quick release and safety

The ALZO Bod-A-Boom Camera Shoulder Mount is a fully adjustable hands-free support device for all light camcorders and DSLRs. Ideal for fieldwork that includes long hours of holding up a video or DSLR camera. This camera mount distributes the load mostly to your waist (when properly adjusted) so you can work long hours without straining your arms or your back. The ALZO Bod-A-Boom includes an ALZO Ball Mount camera support with secure camera quick release. This allows for Dutch tilts and ANY camera angle desired. The push-button, quick-tilt adjustable boom allows for getting the camera to your eye or away from the body for interesting up angle shots.

The ALZO Bod-A-Boom is NOT a camera motion stabilizer and will not produce smooth video if you walk with the rig while shooting.  This rig does allow for smooth panning with upper torso twisting and practice.

  • Adjustable 2-inch wide waist strap with 2 quick-release buckles
  • Boom has push-button rapid tilt adjust (5)
  • Textured foam rubber handgrip on boom (3)
  • Padded abdomen plate (6) is 3 x 4 inches
  • For people 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches high
  • Maximum camera weight is 10 pounds
Camera quick release screw: 1/4 in x 20
Ball head mount screw top of boom: 3/8 in x 16
Body frame adjustment range: 11.5 in to 18.5 in
Boom with ball head adjustment range: 17 in to 23.5 in
Boom angle range adjust 100 degrees
Adjustment range boom on body frame: 7 in above waist strap
Waist strap adjustment range: up to 56 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A an excellent mid priced brace

OK, it's not a Steadicam but it does save energy, especially in your arms. Well made with excellent adjustability it really helps take the load off. I'm using with a Panasonic DVX-200 which becomes heavy to handhold for extended shooting, this fixes that problem. And though a bit complicated it folds up well for transport in the included bag.


Well made,light weight,easy to use quick release.Been looking for a rig like this.Thanks Alzo Digital..!


Overall good but the ball joint is not as smooth as a fluid type joint.

Works well for the one handed.

Found this product online while looking for something I could use after a stroke limited my use of one hand. I have a Nikon Coolpix P900 which is much too heavy to use one handed for long distance zooms. It does require some assistance for initial setup and to buckle the belt (difficult onehanded) but the stability for shooting is fine. It is even better as a base for use with my binoculars using a tripod adapter from the Outdoorsman for my Leica Ultravids. You should definitely think of the hemiplegic stroke population as a potential market. A lilttle work with the belt buckle and monopod pivot would make it even more convenient for one handed use in the next model, but the current version is the best I could find for this purpose. Thanks.