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ALZO 45W CFL Photo Light Bulb 5500K, 2800 Lumens, 120V, Pack of 4


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ALZO 45W CFL Photo Light Bulb 5500K, 2800 Lumens, 120V, Pack of 4

  • Daylight color temperature of 5500K; CRI of 91
  • Renders colors accurately for photography
  • This is a large bulb that might not fit standard household lamps; see diagram above
  • About 8,000 hours bulb life
  • Flicker-free

Set of four (4) 45 watt fluorescent light bulbs, super bright with 5500K color temperature and 2800 Lumens output, CRI of 91, and 120V. This is an energy-saving bulb with about 8,000 hours bulb life. Fits all medium-base E27/E26 sockets. The 45W CFL bulbs are included in the ALZO 600 lights. Dimensions: Length: 7 inches; diameter: 3 inches; diameter of socket: 1 inch. Important: ALZO CFL bulb life is based on the bulb in an open-air upright orientation. When bulbs are installed in fixtures that lack adequate ventilation, the life of the bulb will be reduced. If an ALZO CFL bulb is installed in an overhead recessed light fixture with the bulb glass below the base, the life of the bulb will be greatly reduced. ALZO warranty for all CFL bulbs is 30 days.

Is a photography light bulb different from a general use bulb?

  • Fits all medium base sockets E26/E27
  • Energy-saving, uses about 1/4 of the energy of a comparable Tungsten bulb
  • Generates very little heat
Wattage (Energy Used): 45 watt
Lumens (Brightness): 2800
Color Temperature (Appearance): 5500K
CRI: 91
Voltage: 117
UV-A @1m: 0.002mw/cm2
UV-B @1m: * >0.000uw/cm2; *Not within the range of our meter. Note: UV-A from sunlight midday = 5-10mw/cm2
Frame Rate: ALZO CFL and LED light bulbs can be used at frame rates up to 1000 fps without any flicker; they are true continuous light sources.
Bulb Life:
(based on 3 hrs./day)
9.1 yrs
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost:
(based on 3 hrs./day and $0.11/kWh; cost depends on rates and use)
Dimensions: Length: 7 inches; diameter: 3 inches
Disposal: Contains Mercury / For more on clean up and safe disposal, visit epa.gov/cfl

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Perfect! Just what I needed/wanted for my photography studio I purchased these bulbs as replacement bulbs for a film project

Repeat customer here

Pros: Price quality and quick delivery.
Cons: None
Best Uses: Great for photography and general household lighting, I use them for both.
Describe Yourself: Semi-Pro Photographer
This isn't my first purchase of these bulbs and it won't be my last and you'll like them too!
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Light Bulb ALZO 45 watt Photo CFL 5500K

Pros: Great daylight color
Cons: Light penetration less than I expected
Best Uses: Up close static photography
Describe Yourself: Occasional Photographer
Good packaging. Slight buzz from 1 bulb but I only use them for photo lighting so it is not an issue. At a rated 170W equivalent I was a little disappointed by the spread of light. Seems to drop off very quickly. Apparently this is typical of CFL's. Even with a claimed 340W (2 bulbs) I needed them quite close to the subject. I use the lights to photograph items I list on eBay. Although I have a keen interest in photography I have not used 'proper' lighting before. Not using a softbox or umbrella at this time.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Great Photographic Lighting

Pros: Perfect daylight bulbs; Low wattage; Well built; Inexpensive
Cons: Large size
Best Uses: Photography/Video lighting
Describe Yourself: Professional Photographer/Videographer
Can't say enough good about the 55ook bulbs. I shoot commercial photography for YouTube videos and a lot of food-shoots for restaurants, and these ALZO bulbs always make my work look its best. Now, lighting technique is still very important, and you must adjust your camera to the proper white balance for this lighting, but with the 5500k's I can mix some window light, and even add some fill-flash, and the colors all seem to match with my white balance setting. The bulbs are very large at the base, so make sure your fixtures can support them, or there's an optional extender ALZO sells that can help there. Great job guys!!
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Jeff Kruzic, Jingle House of Pittsburgh

Photo CFLs

Describe Yourself: Semi-Pro Photographer
Purchased these bulbs through Amazon to experiment with a continuous lighting source. Shipped to me very quickly, cost was nominal. All four worked when I tried them. Checked them with my camera at 5500k and white was white. Can't ask for anything more, for the price. Satisfied with seller, satisfied with product.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend