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ALZO Photo Light Tent 28 Inch Cube Kit with Background Paper


ALZO Digital


ALZO Photo Light Tent 28 Inch Cube Kit with Background Paper

  • The ultimate and most cost-efficient solution for product photography
  • Very easy to master; with a little practice, anyone can produce professional product images
  • Reduces glare of highly reflective objects
  • Ultra soft shadow
  • Front cover lens slit allows for flexible camera angle

The ALZO 28 in light tents are ideal for product photography because they are easy to use and produce excellent results. They are essential for shooting highly reflective objects like plastic, glass, and metal, or when an ultra soft lighting effect is desirable. We used a light tent with ALZO Cool Lites to photograph all of the small products on the ALZO Digital web site. The light tents are constructed of a pure white nylon fabric supported by a sewn-in spring metal wire frame and include Velcro fasteners for attachment of cover and paper grips. The paper sweeps inside the light tent are held in place by 2 Velcro attached paper grips, allowing for versatility in positioning the backdrop. Illuminated from the outside, the ALZO light tent acts as a diffusion room surrounding the subject with soft diffuse light, greatly reducing glare. Reflective objects are best imaged in a light tent because the surrounding environment inside a light tent prevents image reflections of the room and the photographer. A light tent is a perfect studio device that anyone can easily master and produce professional images.

  • Front cover is Velcro attached and easily removed
  • Includes 4 background papers
  • Maximum recommended object size is 20 inches x 20 inches