ALZO 792 Color Adjustable LED On-Camera Video Light Power Kit – ALZO Digital

ALZO 792 Color Adjustable LED On-Camera Video Light Power Kit

ALZO Digital


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  • Color temperature adjustable from warm 3000K to daylight 6000K
  • 144 LEDs generate 500 Lux at 1m full power, at 5000K (See Photometrics)
  • Dimmable to 3 Lux at 1m
  • Includes mini-ball mount for attachment to a standard cold shoe
  • Includes a clear drop-in diffuser and a carry bag with room for extras


1 - ALZO 792 LED Video Light
1 - SONY Style NP-F770 Li-ion battery
1 - ALZO Li-ion Battery Charger with car cord

The ALZO 792 light eliminates the need for filter color correction. Constructed with 72 warm white and 72 cool white LED's and a control circuit to allow for color temperature adjustment. The ALZO 792 Color adjusting LED light does not require filters and therefore is a brighter light source. Adjusts from 3000K to 6000K with knob. The economical ALZO 792 on-camera battery powered LED video light is perfect for lighting interview subjects and performing other close-up work. Use the light with video cameras or camcorders and for DSLR video recording as well.  The fully charged battery provides 2-3 hours run time (non continuous).

  • Accepts Sony style NP-F series batteries
  • Includes 12 volt DC power input
  • 4 - 6 hours continuous operation with NP-F770 battery
  • Battery charge capacity indicator on back panel
  • High brightness tight beam angle is 30 degrees (1m width at 2m distance)
  • Standard metal shoe mount with 1/4 x 20 screw thread on base
  • All metal ball mount articulated support allows positioning of light

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