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ALZO Copy Stand for Macro Tabletop Studio and Overhead Product Photography


ALZO Digital


ALZO Copy Stand for Macro Tabletop Studio and Overhead Product Photography

  • Ideal for overhead photography of small object and jewelry photography including coins, stamps, medication, books, DVDs, toys, scientific objects ...
  • Includes a quick release with 1/4 x 20 thread for easy camera attachment and release
  • Smart Imaging: the 29-inch tilt angled and height-adjustable aluminum post is unique and the only one available on the market. The tilt angle increases the imaging field as the camera is raised and keeps the post out of the image field.
  • The solid composite base measures 19 x 16 inches
  • Bright white cleanable melamine finish
  • Maximum camera weight = 7 lbs

Jewelry photography or small object photography is fun and easy with the ALZO Copy Stand. This Macro Tabletop Studio device is ideal for overhead (close-up) imaging of very small or flat objects like jewelry, coins, stamps, medication, and scientific work. The sturdy tilt angled aluminum camera support post is 29 inches high and has a 19-inch x 16-inch laminated solid composite base with white melamine finish.

The camera attaches to the support arm with a quick release plate, and the side wheel drives a rack and pinion for accurate dialing of the adjustable height. The screw below the quick release plate adjusts the drag resistance of the camera support (see image with screwdriver). There is a position locking thumb screw on the back of the height adjuster.

The solid and heavy-duty construction makes the ALZO Copy Stand for Macro Tabletop Studio a stable shooting system for professional commercial product photography of jewelry and small objects.

We recommend reading our close up photography information page to familiarize yourself with the common camera accessories used in macro close-up photography.

Customer Reviews

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Perfectly balanced build quality and function.

I've been through now four different setups to scan film using a DSLR and backlit tracing pad. While every previous method worked, it sacrificed speed, consistency, and stability in some way. After I discovered this copy stand and reading some reviews, 9 decided I would splurge on it and see how it worked. The build quality is exceptional and it just WORKS. I can consistently move slide without disturbing the camera and it maintains a perfect 90% angle - something that created a lot of fuss for me and why I ultimately bought the ALZO. I am excited to have this and cut back the time that's the least enjoyable part of shooting film - the scanning.

Inexpensive but Professional Set-up

With my ALZO Copy Stand for Macro Tabletop Studio and Overhead Product Photography, I can set up my Canon camera and connect it to my laptop. It is great for detailed closeups of my coin collection. It allows me to turn up fantastic pictures with my Lightroom and Photoshop software. The table gives me the opportunity to add the lights for clarity. It's a small investment for extraordinary results!

Worth The Money

This copy stand perfectly fits my needs. With my camera set up picture quality is amazing. Easy to set up and easy to use.

Excellent Value

Very happy with my purchase. The unit is well priced and effective.

Alzo has emailed me on multiple ocasions requesting a review. So I offer the following observations, not to discourage anyone from buying but as suggestions to Alzo for design modifications which in my opinion would enhance the product.

1. The quick release head is secured to the unit with an unconventional bolt diameter, 7/16" if memory serves. Were this were to be a conventional 3/8" the user would have the option of attaching his or her own quick release making it easy to remove the camera from the stand and onto a tripod. As it is, the user is stuck with a quick release that works only with the Alzo unit itself.

2. There is no means of leveling the unit's head to the platform. The work around is to mount a ball socket head to the unit. But without 3/8" mount capability directly to the unit itself, the user is forced to mount said ball head to the unit's quick release 1/4“ bolt. This compounds connections making for a less secure camera mount.

3. The platform, I suppose, is a necessary "evil." But I suspect many users do as I did: mount to a larger surface. I would happily trade the platform for a 3/8" mounting bolt at the head. The rubber feet may come in handy someday.