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ALZO Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones Fashion Accessory Black incl. FREE Shipping


ALZO Digital


ALZO Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones Fashion Accessory Black incl. FREE Shipping

  • Keep your ears warm while talking on the phone or listening to music; rare earth magnets in the speakers produce extraordinary audio quality
  • High-quality faux fur keeps the warmth in and the cold out; color: black
  • Headband controls include answering calls, play/pause, track selection, and volume up/down; transmission distance is up to 30 feet
  • Adjustable height headband fits most head sizes; Bluetooth 4.2 compatible
  • The battery play time is up to 7 hours, and a USB charging cord is included with a charge time of about 4 hours; a TRS connector is included in the base of one of the earmuffs to provide corded audio connection when desired

The ALZO Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones are an excellent winter fashion accessory to keep your ears warm while enjoying your tunes and using your phone. They are made of a super soft, comfortable and breathable high-quality faux fur material to keep warmth in and the wind and cold out.

The raised stitch control buttons on the headband include the following functions: answer incoming calls, with a microphone inside the earmuff; play/pause track; next/previous track selection; volume up/down; callback last incoming call.

An LED status indicator light shows the battery charge level and Bluetooth connection feedback. Advanced verbal prompts confirm Bluetooth connection and many other functions. The adjustable length headband fits most head sizes. Includes a TRS audio port on the bottom of one earmuff.

Operation: a micro USB charging port in one of the earmuffs connects with the included USB charging cord; a charger is not included. The charge time is 4 hours, and the battery playtime is up to 7 hours. The transmission distance is up to 30 feet; the frequency response is 100 Hz to 18 kHz. This device is Bluetooth 4.2 compatible. Weight is 6 ounces.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Saw these on Amazon and then went to this site (manufacturer) where they are slightly less expensive and even less with coupon. Love them. Connected easily and music sound is great.
Plan to wear them skiing.


These ear muffs are exactly what I was looking for! They are comfortable, warm, and have good sound. I have only used them once for a phone conversation and was told the quality on the receiver end was only fair, not very clear. I mostly use them for walks listening to music or books and they are great. I recommend them and plan to order some as gifts!