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USED Horizontal Camera Mount, Tripod Accessory for Overhead Product Photography

  • This is a used product and includes minor cosmetic imperfections
  • Solid 33 inches long, 5/8 inch diameter aluminum bar with tripod clamp - black anodize coating is marred and scratched
  • Rod includes grooved end to allow hanging a counter weight or water bottle
  • Tripod Clamp attaches to any tripod with 1/4 x 20 camera screw and allows for adjusting rod extension length
  • Tripod Clamp top thumb screw allows camera rotation
  • Important tripod accessory for overhead photography

Note: This used ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount has some dings (scratches) on the rod. These cosmetic surface imperfections are very small and do not affect the function of the product. The last image shows some typical ding imperfection. The number of dings varies with each product. This is a 100% functional ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount with some cosmetic imperfections.

The ALZO Horizontal Camera Mount consists of a 33 inches long x 5/8 inch diameter solid aluminum bar with a universal camera screw mount on one end, and the tripod clamp. The tripod clamp has a thumb screw to allow the camera/bar to be horizontally positioned.

Maximum recommended camera weight is 2 pounds without counter balance, and 8 pounds with a counter balance.

The HCM is ideal for shooting small objects that cannot easily stand up on their own for a frontal shot.