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ALZO Wheelchair Camera Mount


ALZO Digital


ALZO Wheelchair Camera Mount

  • Heavy duty, all metal adjustable camera attachment device
  • Mount any camera on a wheelchair or any post up to 2 inches diameter
  • Includes a Super Clamp, an ALZO Flex Arm, and an ALZO Camera Flipper
  • Able to support up to 8 pounds

The ALZO Wheelchair Camera Mount is a versatile, heavy-duty camera mounting device with hundreds of uses. This solid metal, bendable device is intended to mount any camera to a round or square post up to 2 inches thick. In the example here, the super clamp is attached to the armrest post, with the armrest pad removed. The ALZO Flex Arm provides ample angle adjustment while assuring stable and firm camera support. The ALZO camera flipper provides rapid camera 90-degree re-positioning from landscape to portrait.

We understand that there are many makes and models of wheelchairs and there may be additional parts required for the perfect camera mount solution for your chair.  We have always provided the extra hardware required at minimal additional cost. Please contact us by phone so that we can solve your mounting problem. Phone 800-582-7009.

The height of the ALZO flex arm is 12 inches long and we can provide solid extension rods in any length required.  In order to determine the perfect height of the solid extension, it is best to fit the ALZO Wheelchair camera mount to your buggy and then determine the height of the extension. The cost of an extension rod is $10.