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ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Photo Video Light Mount Kit


ALZO Digital


ALZO Suspended Drop Ceiling Photo Video Light Mount Kit

  • Comprehensive solution for hanging lights from suspended drop ceiling frame with 1 inch wide T-bar
  • Secure attachment of lights and power cord to the ceiling framing
  • Includes 1-X Clamp with light mount stud and 2 plastic wire suspension hooks
  • Standard 5/8 inch light mount stud or 1/4 inch x 20 screw mount at the end of the stud
  • Maximum weight of a suspended object is dependent on attachment method of suspended ceiling frames; see installation instructions for specifics

The ALZO suspended ceiling light mount kit easily attaches to the framing of a suspended ceiling with special frame X-clamps. A great solution for lighting high traffic areas or small studios where floor stands would be in the way. In addition this is an excellent solution for background lighting and I.D. portrait set-ups. The kit includes 1 X-Clamp light mount and 2 X-Clamps and cable ties for power cord suspension. The installation may require the addition of support wires connecting the framing to the true ceiling. Combine with ALZO 16 inch extension rod and ALZO 25 foot power extension cord with 3 illuminated outlets.

  • With some effort to reinforce ceiling frame attachment, the maximum suspended object weight is 10 pounds
  • If ceiling frame attachment is reinforced further, more weight can be suspended