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ALZO Screw Mount to Ceiling Photo Background Support Kit 10 Feet Wide


ALZO Digital


ALZO Screw Mount to Ceiling Photo Background Support Kit 10 Feet Wide

  • Easily attaches to any flat ceiling with supplied toggle bolts
  • The 10 feet wide, 2-inch diameter aluminum pole prevents warping of background paper; we offer a cut service for any custom width from 6 to 13 feet
  • Pole is required for supporting fabric or Muslin backdrops up to 10 feet wide
  • Supports paper or vinyl backgrounds
  • Adjustable height chain drive system with adjustable friction control to prevent paper roll out

The ALZO Screw Mount to Ceiling Background Support kit is an inexpensive and convenient solution for hanging photo backgrounds in an office or any room that has a flat ceiling. This background support system includes 8 toggle bolts for secure attachment to a drywall ceiling and provides a chain drive to roll down paper or muslin backdrops, up to 10 feet wide. We also offer a custom cut service that will provide any length from 6 feet up to 13 feet wide. The custom cut cost is $50. With the exception of 6 feet, custom cut drop ceiling background supports are not returnable. Please call 800-582-7009 to discuss this service.

The sturdy 2-inch diameter aluminum tubing assures that a paper background will remain straight and does not warp after months or years. The kit includes 2 hooks with round screw plates, 1 aluminum pole 10 feet long and 2 inches in diameter, 1 two-piece roller set with chain and weight, and detailed American-written installation instructions. This product carries a 5-year warranty.