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AZDEN SGM-990+i Mono Shotgun Mic with ALZO Multi-Mount®


ALZO Digital


AZDEN SGM-990+i Mono Shotgun Mic with ALZO Multi-Mount®

  • AZDEN SGM-990+i shock-mounted mono shotgun electret microphone
  • ALZO Multi-Mount® with 3 available shoe mounts
  • 2 switch selectable cardioid pickup patterns
  • SGM-990+i microphone includes a shock mount, foam windscreen, and TRRS smartphone adapter cord
  • Ideal for smartphone video and audio recording

The AZDEN SGM-990+i Mono Microphone is a compact mono shotgun electret microphone and is perfect for DSLR and camcorder recording. This microphone kit includes an ALZO Multi-Mount®, a 3.5mm plug, a coiled cord and a shock mount. A switch on the microphone allows for selecting 2 cardioid patterns. Move the switch forward to implement a super cardioid zoom mode or select a normal cardioid pattern. The AZDEN SGM-990+i requires 1 AAA battery (not included) and includes a top-mounted power switch. Battery life is about 150 hours. The AZDEN SGM-990+i mounted inside the ALZO Multi-Mount® provides additional shoe mounts for lights, digital audio recorders, wireless receivers and other gear.

  • Short coiled cord with 3.5mm stereo plug; stretches from 10 inches to 30 inches
  • Requires 1 AAA battery (not included)
  • Mounts to a camera shoe mount or any 1/4 inch x 20 threaded mount
  • Includes foam windscreen