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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

March 12, 2009 1 min read

For many years, ALZO has been promoting its line of “Cool Lites,” photography light fixtures that use energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs use little energy, produce minimal heat and last for a long time (~ 10,000 hrs.).

15W Full Spectrum compact fluorescent light bulb

As you probably have heard, the government is mandating the use of energy saving CFL bulbs. The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) seeks to phase out the use of standard incandescent light bulbs by 2014 and improve lighting efficiency by more than 70 percent by 2020.
As a photographer, you can replace your Tungsten light bulbs with our selection of CFL bulbs.
As a homeowner or apartment dweller, you should also replace all your inefficient Tungsten bulbs. ALZO has an energy saving 3-way CFL light bulb with an upgrade harp for a perfect bulb fit. In many cases, the harps that are currently holding your lampshades are too small for a coiled CFL light bulb. Our harp is longer and wider in order to fit a CFL light bulb. The bulb has a medium screw base, E27, same as common (Tungsten) light bulbs.
Over the life of the bulb (~10,000 hrs.) you will save about $80. Replacing all incandescent light bulbs in your home or apartment with energy saving CFL bulbs is a smart investment.

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